Our production process is
– to put it simply – surprisingly straightforward.

Because basically, all nonwovens are produced in the same way. The manufacturing process as such, however, offers us numerous options which allow us to furnish the products with a wide range of different technical properties.

The respective composition of the nonwovens depends on your product-specific expectations. As soon as the future area of use and technical application profile are clear, development and production planning can begin at Polyvlies. Our experience coupled with the tried-and-trusted technology of our production process guarantee the precise and speedy implementation of technical requirements.

The bales of fibre materials are put together depending on product specification, automatically weighed and fed into the opening and mixing line. The homogenous mixture leaves the carding machine as a very smooth fibrous web, which is bonded mechanically through needling or thermally. Our modern machinery and the high degree of automation lay the foundation stone for the high quality of the final products.

We use various finishing methods, which guarantees us – and thus you – a high degree of flexibility.

Sintering with thermoplastic powder ensures that adhesive properties are developed when exposed to heat, allowing our nonwovens to be combined with a wide range of materials.

In addition, we are able to furnish our nonwovens with a self-adhesive system for direct use.

During calendering, the nonwoven runs through a heated rolling mill. The temperature and pressure guarantee the smooth surface of the nonwoven. Depending on requirements, we calender our products either on one or both sides.

Additionally, our nonwovens can be reinforced either thermally or chemically. Thermal bonding is achieved with the help of melt fibres, while chemical bonding is obtained through dispersion foam which penetrates the material and hardens. Last but not least, we are also in a position to coat our nonwoven products with a wide range of different materials.

Yet that’s not all. A corporate culture dedicated to unlimited customer orientation must prove so in every detail. And that’s exactly what we’re doing – day after day. That is why we not only supply our products with any desired technical property, but also in any shape.

We cut to size or punch – as you like it. You get tailored products that can be fitted directly where needed. No cuttings, no time wasted. If, however, you want to receive your product on the roll: that’s not a problem either. Whichever way, you get a rounded package of services from a single source.

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