Let our sound solutions optimize your
private and commercial environment


A high level of acoustic quality in a room is desirable in all areas of life.

Because too much noise prevents effective communication, disrupts concentration and can even make people sick in the long run. With our sound absorption panels you are able to significantly minimise noise, reverberation or disturbing noise in your rooms.

In addition to our standard Fonatex products, custom-made products are of course also possible. A wide range of variations, for example in the composition of the fibers or the selection of additional equipment and finishing components, make it possible to respond precisely to your requirements.
Talk to us. Together we raise the quality of the acoustics in your rooms to a new level.


Fonatex Nature 10

Fonatex 10

Fonatex 17

Fonatex 20

Fonatex 25

Fonatex 40

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